Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning
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Peachstate Pumpers Will Keep Your Main Sewer Line Flowing

If you’ve been exploring our website, and we hope that you have been, you might think we only work with septic systems, but this isn’t the case. Peachstate Pumpers also specializes in sewer cleaning, which keeps your main line to the municipal system clear of clogs and flowing freely. If you sense you have a problem, or if it’s been years since you’ve had your line inspected, don’t take chances. Give us a call and we’ll do the following.

Inspect the Main Line

We are kids at heart who love our state-of-the-art equipment. When you call us and set up a sewer cleaning appointment, we will send out a professional and courteous technician who will scope your main sewer line to ensure there aren’t any issues. The scope has a camera that allows the technician to see inside your pipe from your home all the way to the city’s system. It can detect the exact location of clogs, cracks, or other problems that might damage your line.

Common Sewer Line Issues

Clogs are the most common issue we see when we scope sewer lines. Even if you’re careful about what you put down your drains and flush down the toilets, debris still builds up. It’s unavoidable, which is why we recommend regular sewer cleaning. Think about it. When you wash dishes food and cooking oil make their way down the drain. When you shower or shave, hair is introduced into the pipe. Stuff builds up, but we’ll clean it out for you.

Debris isn’t all that can damage your sewer line. If you have beautiful trees in your yard, and we bet you do, the roots can push against the pipe and damage it. When we come to clean your sewer line, we will also check to make sure it isn’t damaged. If it is, we can repair the damage for you or replace the pipe if the harm is substantial. The point is to ensure your pipe is functional at all times. Otherwise, you might face sewage backup in your home.

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