Drain Field Remediation

Drain Field Remediation

Peachstate Pumpers Explains Why a Septic Drain Field Is So Important

If you already know how a septic system works, please bear with us for those who don’t. Homes and businesses not on municipal sewage systems have septic systems to handle their waste. The main pipe drains wastewater from the home or business into the septic tank which stores the solids. The wastewater that’s left filters through a field to remove E. coli and other bacteria. Peachstate Pumpers are drain field experts, and we’re here to help.

Drain Field 101

To continue the brief education, your field has a series of pipes or compartments that remove the water from the tank and deposit it into the field, which is made up of layers of sediment and soil. Bacteria live in your field to treat the water before it’s introduced into the ground. This prevents toxic and harmful waste from entering the soil and not only being introduced into your property but also into the groundwater system, a major EPA no-no.

Drain Field Problems

Many things can go wrong with your drain field for many reasons, and signs of an issue are unpleasant odors above the ground where the field lies, wet soil, and excessive plant growth above the field. The most common problem that requires remediation is a clogged field. If you have a bad habit of pouring debris and oil down your sinks, you run the risk of clogging the field. Trees roots can also damage the field, as can age and ground movement.

Remediation Experts

Because of its crucial role in hazardous wastewater mitigation, you want to ensure your field operates as it should at all times, and we offer drain field inspection services. We will come to your home or business and inspect your drain field. If we feel there might be an issue, we will isolate the problem and then remediate it. It could be that we can repair your drain field; it might be that we’ll need to replace it. Either way, prevention is key, so call us now rather than later.

Prevent the Need for An Environmental Cleanup

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